LicenseDNA is a hosted platform which offers our publishers: integrated licensing, activation and registration system - interfaced with Google Checkout.  Additionally, LicenseDNA provides a free consumer (buyer) online self-service portal for the consumer to track licenses purchased, license activation, issues / support management, coupon, referral services and ongoing publisher-to-consumer (P2C) communications regarding news, product upgrade, discounts, news.

LicenseDNA - Hosted Infrastructure

This module allows publishers to reduce support activities so that the consumer can self service - license activation, invoice, purchase history, promotional information and request support.

LicenseDNA is designed a hosted licensing platform - 99.99% uptime. The infrastructure is monitored 24x7 for security and uptime is assured.

Several layers of infrastructure ensures redundancy. Servers are deployed as robust and scalable platform using the latest load balancing services across clustered environment.

E-mail Server, FTP Services and Web Services are housed on servers with significant memory and processor performance.

LicenseDNA is interfaced with Google Checkout for maximum turn-key configuration making the process simple for publishers to use and get products to market immediately.

Google Sandbox accounts are used by publishers to test the entire end-to-end payment, license issuance and control the flow of the lock & key for all types of products and services.

Publishers within minutes of setup can take products to market and start accepting payments from customer and issue license activation keys automatically via LicenseDNA platform.