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LicenseDNA is a hosted platform which offers our publishers: integrated licensing, activation and registration system - interfaced with Google Checkout.  Additionally, LicenseDNA provides a free consumer (buyer) online self-service portal for the consumer to track licenses purchased, license activation, issues / support management, coupon, referral services and ongoing publisher-to-consumer (P2C) communications regarding news, product upgrade, discounts, news.

Reporting Module

The reporting module is critical part of the entire solution as this is the central information repository for all activities related to consumer and product events.  The reporting module is designed to help extract and report any dimensions required for review, support services calls or analysis.  Additionally, the module supports exporting the data to spreadsheets and other databases for integration or analysis as required. One of the most powerful and critical information missing from most systems today are the actual data related to actual downloads, actual trials, actual sales events and final licensing = this provides a true ratios of marketing of the website to expected returns on investment.  Additionally, we capture actual e-mail address of consumers purchasing publisher products, this is critical as the domain address of the publishers aid in providing marketing insights on best demographic to target the product marketing for maximum returns.