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LicenseDNA is a hosted platform which offers our publishers: integrated licensing, activation and registration system - interfaced with Google Checkout.  Additionally, LicenseDNA provides a free consumer (buyer) online self-service portal for the consumer to track licenses purchased, license activation, issues / support management, coupon, referral services and ongoing publisher-to-consumer (P2C) communications regarding news, product upgrade, discounts, news.

Activation Notification

LicenseDNA is an automation engine designed to ensure licensing activities are secure and monetized for maximum publisher value.  Upon purchase of publishers products, LicenseDNA sends out an automated e-mail notice to the consumer to activate the product.  Additionally, this information is provided immediately upon checkout - online and also available to the consumer via the LicenseDNA Consumer Portal.  Every effort is made to inform the consumer on how to activate and start using publishers products / services.  Further more, as an extra security the activation information is NOT A LICENSE KEY.  Its simply contains information about the product and the purchase information - all logic for decoding and encoding to activate the use of the product is stored securely behind LicenseDNA firewall and accessed as secure service calls.