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For Publishers:

  • Reduced cost and increased efficiencies for vendors resulting from the reduction of manual processes or homegrown systems that do not meet the needs of today’s dynamic software market environment
  • Greater efficiency and reduced cost in product fulfillment
  • Increased ease of deploying a standard licensing infrastructure across products
  • Faster time to market with new products -- both homegrown and those acquired via mergers and acquisitions
  • Improved enforcement of software license contract terms and a reduction of lost revenue due to noncompliance !

For Customers:

  • Reduced administration time for customers that must report their software utilization to vendors or other parties
  • Increased efficiency for customers in the purchase and deployment of software licenses
  • Improved compliance with software license contract terms

LicenseDNA Benefits: LicenseDNA was founded on business principles to centralize operations and control, while keeping the architecture flexible to evolve. LicenseDNA is designed to help our publishers achieve the following benefits:

Increase Publisher Revenues:  Stream-lining licensing and customer support is core to attainting and acquiring customers. By automating and perfecting the control mechanism, our publishers can take advantage of many thousands of hours of R&D by leveraging the platform and the functionality as a turn-key solution. Our date-time tamper protection for client and server products stops users from using the software as these activities trigger fraudulent behavior. Such tampering shuts down operations of the trial software and requests the user (consumer) to purchase the product or contact the publisher. Our download-try-buy and time-based-trial encourages consumers to confirm product / service functionality then convert browsers to buyers. Further more, our consumer license management and support services creates opportunities for our publishers to offer customers coupons, information and stay connected with the buyers via portal and e-mail notification services.

LicenseDNA platform is parameter driven by based on business rules and policies, thus allowing the publisher to limit functionality, trial time period or custom fit modular functionality limits of the trial software / web applications thus engaging the consumers to purchase the product.

Consumers get to test drive the product or service in full-mode or limited mode, based on publisher definitions and controls setup during the integration process with LicenseDNA. Parameters, such as increased time multiple each time the user launches the application the time it takes to open the application increases, thus eventually converting a free user to a paying using since they will not want to wait endlessly for the application to launch.

Further more, if the consumers decides to de-install, automated surveys with incentives are offered to the consumer. This feedback loop is critical for enhancing the publishers products / services for future sales and gathering competitive intelligence. LicenseDNA improves revenues!

Grow Publisher Market Share: Our pricing model is designed as transactional, therefore, its in our best interest to help our customers (Publisher) gain greater exposure to markets and increase sales volumes. Thus, we are your partners to help you achieve growth.

LicenseDNA is designing and working with several partners to bring our publishers access to e-mail marketing services, SEO & Link building services and introduce LicenseDNA as reseller partner to help us drive traffic to your websites for greater profits.

Reduce Publishers Operating Costs: LicenseDNA is built to help centralize operational activities, sales, pricing, licensing, support, key management, product life cycle management and marketing services. This consolidation of information provides our publishers with an unique opportunity to manage the entire process using less resources and most importantly non-technical staff for support services. Freeing up publishers technical resources to focus on developing and enhancing publishers product & services for the market.

The Internet is a dynamic and ever changing market place, where our publishers must monitor competitors, price discounts, provide special offers to customers in order to maintain a competitive edge. LicenseDNA is designed to help you make changes quickly by simply changing settings online for pricing, trials, support, referral marketing, product sales, support ticket management, and coupons. The platform is designed to give the business users (product managers) the power, control and automation required to support, service and promote their products without the constantly pulling technical resources for business operations & change management.

Reduce Publishers R&D Costs: LicenseDNA team has spent over hundred-thousand man-hours building the LicenseDNA platform as a service for our publishers. All of our efforts are designed to help reduce publishers R&D costs related to license management, ecommerce, marketing and support activities. By simply interfacing with our web service modules, API and DLL our publishers leverage a technology platform which reduced total publisher operating costs. LicenseDNA provides immediate competitive advantages vs. publishers building such modules and recreating the infrastructure.

Reduce Publisher Support Costs: LicenseDNA reduces support activities around activation and license management. Approximately 35% of all support activities are associated with licensing, thus automation and reduction of such activities directly reduce our publisher operating costs. LicenseDNA automates real-time activation, consumer self-service portal and LicenseDNA support services further reduces consumer calls. Additionally, the platform allows for off-line activation for consumers with such needs - helping reduction (or even eliminates) our publishers operating costs for such types of support events. Single solution addressing several functional areas - ticket management / support system, license management, marketing modules, pricing, reporting all interfaced with publishers website - now our publishers focus on core business of building products / services - squeezing out costs.

Reduce Publishers Time to Market: LicenseDNA provides our publishers an assembly line approach to delivering new and existing products to market. Our publishers can setup, test and bring products to market simply by interfacing with LicenseDNA. Many publishers experience that a few hours of testing the business rules, the product can be published and released into the market place. As soon as the product is released into the market, LicenseDNA provides the tools required to send out e-mail notifications to past customers regarding the release. The platform is already interfaced with Google Checkout, therefore, as soon as the product is published, our publishers enter the merchant account information and they are ready to accept customer payments directly from Google Checkout to publishers bank account.

Benefits to CEO, CTO, SVP Marketing, CFO & COO:  Large and small software & web applications publishers have resources to leverage alternatives to LicenseDNA platform. There are lock & key utilities, encryption algorithms, ecommerce interface and large platform players in the mix. All of these options are typically none-core activities for our publishers to taken on and support. Our single platform is designed for maximum value for our publishers.

While most publishers not using a centralize solution such as LicenseDNA ends-up with operating costs of 20% or more, our publishers see the value and can attest to costs 50% less than the industry. This savings directly flows to our publishers bottom line!!  Cut your operating costs by 10% using LicenseDNA platform today!

LicenseDNA Reporting Advantage:  LicenseDNA tracks usage data, rate of activation, trial demographics, consumer purchasing information and we customize our platform to meet the specific requirements of our publishers. All of our data can be ported to other systems and our roadmap dictates further integration for marketing, channel distribution and for operational tracking for accounting. Google Analytics provides a wealth of information, LicenseDNA does not re-produce such data, but provides important insight into user pre-sales trial activities to help improve sales. We partner with our publishers to ensure and improve sales events and reduce consumer fraud and piracy.

                                      STOP PAYING CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEES - ZERO CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEES USING GOOGLE CHECKOUT                                     

 LicenseDNA + Google Checkout = Publisher Profits Up and 10% Lower Operating Cost

Google Search currently owns 65% of the Internet search business.  When consumers or business professionals seek out products or services to buy, they go to Google 1st and then to Yahoo, MSN, Ask and others.

Therefore, it does not matter if you leverage Digital River - shareit or nalperion or any other platform or self contained lock & key, you still must advertise and promote your products using Google AdWords. Closed networks like C|Net - or shareIt markets is less than 1% of the entire Internet market. Therefore, leveraging these so called marketing channels have limited ROI.

Typically, marketing costs range between 20% - 50% of publisher revenues.

Therefore, if you are spending any money on Google AdWords, its important to leverage Google Checkout.  Simply linking the Google AdWords to Google Checkout account, our publishers are saving between 2% - 3% processing charges. Many pay 0% processing charges by using LicenseDNA + Google Checkout.  Money saved is money earned!!

LicenseDNA platform is the lowest cost of service for a complete end-to-end license management, product life cycle (PLC), sales life cycle (SLC) and support life cycle (SLC) management.

Benefits to Publishers