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LicenseDNA provides several plans, including a free plan to leverage the entire platform. There is no cost to setup.

Competitive Comparison - Feature List 

LicenseDNA is a feature rich solution with a significant value for publishers to leverage the platform and reduce total operating costs and increase revenues.   

LicenseDNA encourages software and web applications publishers to review alternative solutions and then review LicenseDNA platform for the complete end-to-end business solution and compare the value.  While others sell technology, we generate cash flow and increase sales for our publishers.


Comparative Chart

Features            Advantages   Nalpeiron            ShareIt
Lowest Cost of License Services Platform Price + Product Marketing Costs (Google AdWords) + Processing Charges + Support (- Google Checkout) = Profit High Cost
  Feature Rich
  (Annual Cost)
 High Cost
 Feature Rich Transactional
 Low Cost
   Feature Rich
Pricing LicenseDNA is pre-interfaced with Google Checkout (opportunity for free credit card processing)  $1,999 / year + $4 - $6/license pre-purchase   6.5% + $1 per 

Support Services
Integration Support Services      Free with
      3 years 
 Paid Support Free
Credit Card Processing Costs Supported eCommerce gateway services  *LicenseDNA is potentially free with Google Checkout)     Additional
   2% -4%
 as high as 15% for more services
Google Checkout
Publisher Product/Services Marketing Service provider helps to sell or distribute publishers products or services to help increase sales in the market place.  No Yes
 16% - 20%
Customization Support Services Minor customization or enhancements to support exact publisher requirements No No
Product Maintenance & Updates New features, bugs and service improvements Included     Included   Included
Platform agnostic and one API for all platforms makes implementation easier (Windows, Mac, Linux) One API and one activation process Yes Yes Yes
Platform is one-stop end-to-end solution for application licensing No need for scripting, data management, web hosting, customer coding, end user license manager coding or code generation - it's all done fast and easily with a single supplier Yes Yes Yes
Use a single build to offer many types of product options Massively reduce the complexity of software production by using a single secure binary that can be licensed in many flexible ways, from trial to bundles to suites Yes Yes Yes
License component generation for all platforms online No need for engineering to have a separate utility to create license DLLs, total mobility and availability. No need for multiple production computers, all in the browser with full tracking Yes Yes Yes
Individual component protection using unlimited trial restrictions of the products or service using locking mechanism
Protect specific components of an application (e.g., print functionality, calculate function) - restrict or limit during trial period
Yes Yes Yes
Consumer experience with license and support Customer activation is online or off-line.  Consumer portal for all purchased licenses Yes Yes Yes
Single full-version of Trialware Publishers can create a single install interfaced  with license API to provide full version as trial for consumers.  Simply activate the license module during purchase Yes Yes Yes
The end users trial usage is tracked Use the Platform Licensing Service to show trial usage and activity Yes No Yes
Time-based trials will detect malicious time changes and disables the trial Trials are tracked and cannot be re-used unless authorized to do so Yes Yes Yes
Try Before You Buy: Uses Full support for metered or usage-based trials (example: 10 uses) Yes
Try Before You Buy: Days Full support for time based trials (example: 30 days) Yes Yes Yes
The trial state is controlled by defined limits that are configurable within the Platform Licensing Service

Enable or disable the trial period on the server side
Yes No Yes
Total license and business rule agility Change any of the rules on a code by code basis on the fly with web services to allow you to ship a vanilla deployment that is modified server side on a per customer/order/code basis Yes No Yes

Fully searchable license code and customer database
It's fast and easy to find end user entitlements and then view activity and modify licensing with a click Yes Yes Yes
Proof of Removal Utility (for refunds) Proof of removal' for refunded users that runs a check on the user PC to ensure no licenses are left before a refund is issued Yes No No
Software Leasing/rental (time based licensing) Platform allows the ability to disable an application upon the expiration of a paid period Yes Yes Yes
Software Subscription model (periodic licensing) Platform allows the ability to disable an application upon the expiration of a paid period Yes Yes Yes
Pay per use model (usage based licensing) Platform allows the ability to disable an application upon the expiration of a paid number of uses Yes No Yes
Create one binary with many business models with a flexible functionality locking (Feature based licensing) Multi-Level Usage Supports capability to enable and disable access to application functionality and/or “levels” of application areas. Common for Base/Premium use. Turn on one or more menu options or applications in a suite. Enable or disable product features according to customer needs and charge only for the functionality they need Yes No Yes

Internet Authorization/Activation Service
Ready to go, no programming, with a firewall busting website as well as an "invisible" activation service Yes Yes Yes
Easy to use and highly functional publisher application suite (online) Complete control of your customers, license codes, fulfillment and entitlements all via an easy to use web interface Yes Yes Yes
End-User Registration Platform allows vendors to gather user registration information that can be linked to already-captured license data to gain insight into code customer and market trends – functionality that not only improves their decision-making and product performance, but can also be a powerful marketing tool Yes Yes Yes
Disable the current license Prevent to re-use of license codes with one click on the server side Yes No Yes
Reporting tools Use our customer portal to track how well a promotion is working or monitor how successful a product release or a feature enhancement is accepted in the marketplace. See who has activated your products and at what rates Yes Yes
Specify "register evaluation copies" and the trials will register the computer and the date demo start date with the activation server Track and connect trials with end user details to allow for special marketing activities to increase trial conversions Yes Yes Yes
Import/export customers Software developers can use the Platform to import and export customer data for use in their CRM systems Yes Yes Yes
Platform API is .NET 2.0 compliant and in the form of web services Platform uses the latest technologies for easy implementation Yes No Yes
Easy e-commerce integration Connects via several methods with carts and e-commerce sites (LicenseDNA interfaced with Google Checkout) Yes Yes Yes
The Platform Licensing Service is safe and secure Platform uses dynamic server redundancy, load balancing and security in it's server farm Yes Yes Yes

Benefits to Publishers